Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Penny deals and Birthday cards

Last week was a hot mess here with all the illnesses colliding at once. Kids were sick as was I. I can't shake the cold or whatever mutant strain it is the kids gave to me. My lungs feel almost full of water and my face is stuffed up. Wheeee, fun.

But I did manage to get some crafting done last week and this week as well. 

This first card is one we made using a random haul of supplies. We made a cute birthday card for one of the kids' friends. Daughter helped some. 

Second was a haul and card project from last week. Lots of Hello Kitty goodness. A more masculine birthday card is made from some of those supplies. It is crazy long. Crazy. I don't know how to fast forward parts yet. So you might want to speed through some of it...

Can you believe the one cent deals I got?? Those Squinkies will sit in the "Emergency Birthday Gift Stash" and the paper will get used up pretty quickly as well. 

Last Friday was a fun day here, Oldest won an award at School, for his grades. For being the first year in public school (we'd homeschooled up until now) he's doing wonderfully.

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