Saturday, February 2, 2013

It's finally Friday!

And that means two days with the kiddos all to myself. No sharing them with the school. :) Not that we have any plans or anything, just time together to get over the week we've had.

Anyhow. I made it back to the 3 Michael's here in town and got more of their one cent paper stacks Thursday. Here's the video on those deals and the card made using some of those deals:

On sadder news, I think our Charlie got himself shot in the front leg by someone with a BB Gun. Yesterday I thought maybe he tangled with an animal in the yard, but...the scab was real hard it seemed. Today he licked it off and seems to be happier with it now, but it looks like this:

Poor guy 

Anyhow after a vet visit he should be right as rain. 

That's the excitement from us this week. 

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