Sunday, May 19, 2013

Beginning of a new week.

Sundays are full of activity here on our little plot. Although, they tend to be more enjoyable and more subdued. We've been gathering supplies for the annual Memorial day camp out. The children and I have gotten sleeping bags washed and put into SpaceBags. Those bags are awesome. We have a gargantuan sized bag that fits two of our sleeping bags, a few pillows, and a couple towels as well. It's convenient.

I've been working on an order for a few customers. I need to redo one piece, but it's coming along pretty well.

I updated the website with two bracelets.

Here's what they look like:

I am hoping that people will be able to tell what size they are by looking at the measurements on the mat that they are sitting on. If you'd like to see more of those particular bracelets, head on over to the website, I have images on their product page and on the related blog page for them also.

Next week, or the week after, depending on how timing goes, I should have a new product all together for the website. I am excited to be able to have it, but I have to keep it a surprise for now. 

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