Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A few updates

Things have been pretty hectic here. I have a few videos to catch you up on the "goings on":

This one's an hour long!!

The end result is:

Then here's this one:

Followed by:

Go for a ride with me on my way home. See what my town looks like:

(see chickens too)

A Card project for second half of this video:

And an upgrade to the card project is here:

And the final result of that is:

It's May first here in the Rocky Mountains, can't ya tell?

 Last weekend, daughter had a dirtbiking accident  As she explained it "the dirtbike and gravity had a disagreement. I got caught in the middle. Gravity is the law, so it won." She broke her wrist in three places. Not a peep after the initial "Ow, I'm hurt!" of it all. She's my hero, I'd be a crying and whining mess.

She's been in good spirits. 

This is after my eldest son had a table and another student collapse onto his foot (my son was sitting at another table with his foot sticking out from under his own table a little. Turned his foot all sorts of colors and shades of not happiness.  This is after about the third day from when it happened: 

And of homestead-y news, we got one duck egg and 29 chicken eggs last week. Good gosh, that's a lot of eggs! 

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