Sunday, February 10, 2013

looking forward to a new season

Very soon a new, warmer season will begin. It seems hard to believe what with monster blizzard, Nemo having blanketed the Northeast in several feet of snow this last week. But, soon, the cold  will let up and we should begin seeing tell-tale signs of Spring. Here at the foot of Pike's Peak, we are anxious for the warmth. Although we've not seen any of the snow other regions have, we have had bitter cold.

Anticipating the next season brings some things that make me giddy. Soon, I'll be able to finish the patio project. I'll be able to get the pottery wheels running and the kilns firing. seeds will be started, seedlings planted. The chicken and duck coops will begin filling our egg cartons once more.

I'm looking forward to it all. I'm looking forward to open windows and laundry on the lines. Flowers in the yard and birds in the trees, I can't wait!

Are you looking forward to spring?

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