Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snow day

The skies opened up and blessed us with some snow. We haven't had a real snowing other than an inch or two all season. Last night we got a proper amount. Some parts of town got 5 inches, and others 9. We were right in the middle somewhere near 6 or so. Not too shabby. The school district, with the news reports of accidents and so fourth, decided to call a snow day. The kids were ecstatic. When they were homeschooled snow days didn't have the same kind of biting-your-nails-while-holding-your-breath-during-the-morning-newscast excitement as it did this morning.

Without further ado, here's a pic of the snow:

The kids have been fighting, especially the youngest. It's particularly frustrating trying to accomplish anything today. I am so very thankful that their Uncle took them sledding most of the morning. It gave me a break. I managed to get the dishes and a few loads of laundry done. Also, I used the time to get the first part of dinner made and ready for use later.

I have been working pretty diligently on a card order that I received for 15 cards. I was surprised with another order for cards as well. How fun is that?

Also this week we received a half a cow. Not alive...that would be weird. We found a home for half of that, and now we have a quarter to deal with, which is much more manageable.

So this week I will be canning some of the ground meat to free up some space in the freezer. I will also repackage some for quick use as well.

So, that's the plan for the rest of the week.

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