Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Busy week planned

Just a really quick update, as the weather makes me want to stay off the computer. We are in a blizzard warning, trees are coming down like dominoes in the wind here, and ice has layered the roads making stop signs into suggestions.

Here's my last card project:


Follow along and make a similar card.

Also I've been making baskets and here's a video to follow along with as well:


You'll need a few supplies which are mentioned and described in the video.

Hope you give one or both of these a try, they're lots of fun!

I still have more baskets to make and more ceramic projects. I have a few orders even...how exciting is THAT? So I need to kick it in gear, if only the weather would cooperate! Can't get on the pottery wheel on the patio if the temperatures (with gale force winds too) is in the single digits.

Engeseth Homestead


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